It was my first marriage anniversary. My better half was clueless where i will take her in the evening for celebration. Office was over in the afternoon only for me, according to half-day leave policy by the company on the occasion of the marriage anniversary of the employee. 

Soft music, jungle theme interior, slow but sweet recorded noise of the birds, shining glass table, classy wooden chairs, cozy sofas, nicely groomed staff, couples occupied in chit-chat, IPL on the LED hung on the wall, inclined tree branches, wild animals pictures of the green walls i felt like i am amidst of the real jungle away from the hustle-bustle of the Delhi City.

I was reached there with my sweet wife dressed up in green suit that coincidentally complementing the jungle theme whereas i was in blue check shirt and blue denim jeans.

It was the perfect place to celebrate your special day not because it was good place to enjoy lip-smacking food but for taking pictures amidst of its resounding interior based on jungle theme. This is a social media era where celebration is somewhere incomplete if you don’t share the celebration pictures on your social media account according to today’s generation.

As we enter the restro, the staff member receives us and takes us on our table. We all settle down on our seats. What i see is one of my friends’ gift for us.  I was extremely glad seeing this wonderful gesture from his end. Then i ask what is inside the packet? He asked me to make some guesses. After some wrong guesses finally i managed to find out that it was an induction. My friend reveals why he choose to give such a gift, he said i wanted to give something that you can use and something that you don’t have. Then we both carry out cake cutting formality.

Overall, i was a nice anniversary celebration with some amazing pictures clicking on that meanwhile. She shared those pictures on her Whatapp status and got lot of appreciation like you both look great together.


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