Small town Things: Not Your Cup Of Tea

“There is nothing to writing, all you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed”

-Ernest Hemingway”

Small town guys”-the phrase really stings me when it is realised that I am being “type-casted”  “inadvertently” not for being fancy…….

.Sometimes I feel doomed, why I am not among those who were born in metro-cities, why I am given the privileges to see the smog-less sky, mornings of cacophony-less chirping, simple people, milk tea in stained and small glasses, our small happiness and so on…….

Now it is a very hard task to describe my town..It is a random small town…you may come across this type of random cities while you travel by train…..It is so random, so insignificant that you can’t even remember its name after sometime……So it is better not to take its name…….Just for the sake of randomness, my city is nameless…Our dreams:

“Crazy dreams”-

exclusively this term can define our dreams and its nature . They are insane in the truest sense, even you can’t think in a dream  about our dreams; we are that much productive in making our dreams…..Do you want an example? have a look-

1. This is a kind of out-of-box dream………… I wanted to use the word “f***ing” many times in speaking to achieve metropolitan polishness like you…..

.2. Using bombastic words in conversation…..Like “procrastination”, “entrepreneurship”(famous one in my college), “narcissism”…etc……

3. Listening to English music, ridiculously imitating your gesture when you listen to those craps (my view) and try to mug up the lyrics……..

See, this English is playing a great roll in our dreams, they are very crucial ingredient of our dream…….This language, in fact,  ease the way  to win a debate;more bombastic words in conversation will help you to prove me wrong at any point of conversation,we are scared of “bombastic” words…

“Demotivating” mojito:

I think I am the first person to use “demotivating” as an adjective before mojito………Before coming to this big city I did not know about what the hell is “mojito”???is it “mojito” or “mozito”???and how can it have a variety called “virgin”??Then one day I got dissapointed  when I discovered -it is nothing but pudina flavoured ice water with some essence of lemmon and costing 149 only(too high!!) but the matter that saddened me most is -I was corrected by one of my linguistic-genious friend that it is -‘moito’…and after that everyone with me burst into laughter…after that incident I stopped buying mojito……my first and last mojito was ghoulish…..Lexically what you do is called ” bullying”:

You know one thing, guys…..??? these “mojito massacre” and the other things you did with me was just an annealing process to me… I absorbed all of your so-called ‘critique’ …like a piece of activated charcoal in polluted water……

But sadistic pleasure comes at that moment when I realize that you and I are in the same longitude, same latitude & same level of dignity despite you got more metropolitan privileges……..But I know that it is useless to tell you that_”don’t bully us”……and one more thing I am not criticizing all of the metro-kids…but some of them are really insensible in their own way of “criticizing”…..

Now you may think that who am I? that ‘I’ is as random as  the name of my town? That ‘I’ actually never mattered……he may be Ankit from Bilaspur or Rohit from Alwar…or someone’s untold confession (someone who is fully broken by your criticism)…….even ‘I ‘may be the fetus who is getting matured to a baby in an infamous town of bihar….so the question related to ‘I’ will never matter? This ‘I’ has only a deep and dark voice.


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