You gave me great relief by saying that she was not your mother” he smiled.

“Well, yeah the way she reacted was really motherly. But one thing I can tell my own mother would have never did this” I said.

“I hope she don’t have any daughter otherwise she will be going to her daughter’s in-laws house herself” he said. We both burst into laughter at this thought. And we even imagined what the woman, who was sitting beside me with her own daughter.

We sit there for a while in silence. The silence was comfortable, usually I can’t handle silence with an unknown person. No matter that person is a male or a female.

“By the way, what’s your name?” He asked. I hesitated at first but then I said “Ankita”.

“Oh” he left out a deep sigh as if he was finding a person and felt it was me. “What’s yours? ” I asked back.

“Rahul” he said. He gave out his hand to me and I shake it. Is it the same feeling that I get with any boy I touch or is this something different?

The rest of the journey was good. Rahul didn’t asked anything personal to me. It was a relief.

The train reached Delhi and I got up to get my things. Rahul also got up. “Are you also getting down here?” I asked. He gave a nod.

I landed in the platform and looked at Rahul to say goodbye. We even exchanged our number.

After he left I typed the number in my phone and what I saw was beyond my expectations.

Arya, the unknown boy I fell in love with who called me as a wrong number. All memories danced in my head as I reconcile the memories from a secret room in my brain which was hiding for the last four years.

My mind filled with questions. Will he ever knew that I am his Mishti if I called? Do Rahul know Arya? Or Rahul is Arya?

And above all if he is Arya then do he still loves me? Or he just forgotten about me? And the girl whom I talked with the last time before I changed my number! Who was she who gave me jealousy?

I don’t know if I will be able to say my real self to Rahul if I called him or vice versa. But of one thing I was absolutely never forget that Arya was my first love and even if he don’t come back to my life or any other man come he will be my first forever.


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