Love Note after Twelve Years

Life had changed for me. I never realized it. Moonlight walk changed into late night strategy workshops. Candlelight dinner turned into business meetings. Sweet and short phone calls from her transformed into long hour teleconferences. Gifts were no more priority now — there should be some tangible return whatever we invest, after all. Spending even 5 dollars on the bouquet for the Valentine’s Day seemed meaningless — you would lose at least half an hour searching for a parking space in the downtown. Overall there was no respite from the hectic office and the future planning. Whenever she, in a very mild attempt, tried to express her feelings, I had pre-defined answer, “these all are for us only, darling” and she


He woke up excited. After ages… Today was a happy day. He even hummed a happy song, a song of love, a song she loved to hear while cooking for him his usual breakfast. But today he was cooking something she loved – crisp bacon and tomatoes, with scrambled drippy eggs. He wasn’t a good cook but wanted her to know that he cared. This day, every year, he always cared. He drew himself along leisurely bath, filled the tub with her favorite bath bomb – typical woman’s scent – lavender. He hated that! But she loved that. He wanted her to know that he cared. After bathing, he took out his Sunday clothes, he caressed the lapels of his grey sports jacket


You gave me great relief by saying that she was not your mother” he smiled. “Well, yeah the way she reacted was really motherly. But one thing I can tell my own mother would have never did this” I said. “I hope she don’t have any daughter otherwise she will be going to her daughter’s in-laws house herself” he said. We both burst into laughter at this thought. And we even imagined what the woman, who was sitting beside me with her own daughter. We sit there for a while in silence. The silence was comfortable, usually I can’t handle silence with an unknown person. No matter that person is a male or a female. “By the way, what’s your name?” He asked. I

Is it My First Love?

I think it is a trend to have a boyfriend or a girlfriend nowadays. Surprisingly, I am single. But I desperately want to have one. All of my friends have or had at least one. I wonder why I do not have a relationship? His name is Antariksh and he is in my class. I do not like to share my feelings but Preeti, my best friend is aware of him and what I feel for him. Preeti says he likes me too because she has noticed him looking at me while in the assembly. She also noticed that his best friend teases him in my presence. But, he never attempted to talk to me. With every passing day, I was getting

May be it was love

So , it was the beginning of my class nine, well my school had two branches and the classes from nine was in other section. Now we had to go by bus to a remote area from main town where the senior section was located. The first day I came to know my class section was changed, I belonged to section c and most of the students in that section were new to me . On the third period our chemistry teacher asked a question which I don’t remember but I do remember the strong and sweet voice of the person who answered it . He was the boy with 6 fingers . He was long, smart and everything. But the

Tring Tring: Its Love not attachment

After relaxing holidays with my parents in Himachal Pradesh, I was back to my same routine.  Sitting in my workstation suddenly the call rings “Tring Tring”    I could hear a soft spoken lady from the other side, who introduced herself as  Mrs. Dasgupta “Hello Nandini, I am Mrs. Dasgupta talking from Delhi, I got your contact details from We are looking for a prospective bride for my younger brother Naboneel” I was neutral. No excitement.  This was quite normal for me. Since  past 12 months I had put my profile on, hoping to find my second life partner. Every other day I received an alliance related call and it had become an integral part of my daily life. At the point

The Power of Destiny!

As I walked home on a hot scorching day in Delhi, I stumbled on a wallet that someone had dropped accidentally in the street. Immediately I bent down; picked it up; opened it; and looked inside to find some sort of identification which would help me trace its owner. But the wallet contained only 3-one rupee notes and a crumpled letter that appeared to have been there for several years. The envelope was tattered and all that was legible was the return address. I opened the letter hoping to find some clue of the receiver and the sender. The date on which the letter was written was marked as 13.12. 1957- Yes it was written about 60 years ago. The beautiful hand


It was a warm day. My eyes hurt when the morning sun fell all over. I could hear the shrieking voices of traffic and the whistles of cooker. My throat was dry. I opened my eyes and glanced around. It was my room. Every one of my things were in the correct spot. “What day it was?” I thought. I tried to get up, yet all of a sudden a deplorable idea made me fall. “Amal… I am sorry to say this. Because of minor stun during the surgery you won’t almost certainly move your legs. Yet, I guarantee that it tends to be relieved by regular physios. I promise…Be bold and don’t lose trust.” I tried to get up again. Goodness

Love Or Jealousy At First Sight??

I was 16 young and cold hearted on the outside but deep down like all other teenage girls even i wished to be loved. It was a sunday evening ,exams were over so I was desperately waiting to vist my favourite place: a place where I often went in search of peace. The love comics on the wall,the small wodden coffee tables, the cute littel bean bags ,the soft music, the light coloured walls, the humble staff and the sweet aroma of coffee were the only things i could think about. When I reached i was astonished to see a horde waiting outside the cafe..My anxiousness made me jump from the bike and interrogate the manager about the situation, luckily it


It was my first marriage anniversary. My better half was clueless where i will take her in the evening for celebration. Office was over in the afternoon only for me, according to half-day leave policy by the company on the occasion of the marriage anniversary of the employee.  Soft music, jungle theme interior, slow but sweet recorded noise of the birds, shining glass table, classy wooden chairs, cozy sofas, nicely groomed staff, couples occupied in chit-chat, IPL on the LED hung on the wall, inclined tree branches, wild animals pictures of the green walls i felt like i am amidst of the real jungle away from the hustle-bustle of the Delhi City. I was reached there with my sweet wife dressed up