It has almost been a month of Keshav and Raaga being together. Raaga always had genuine feelings for Keshav whereas Keshav had untold feelings for Raaga. They were an ironic couple. Raaga decided to do some shopping for her family before leaving to her hometown, she requested Keshav to join with her as she was new to the place. It was her first outing all alone with Keshav. Raaga was on cloud nine as soon as he accepted her request; he decided to go on a shopping with her. As usual Raaga took a metro from her place and reached her meeting stop, where they had a coincidental meet of Raaga coming from the left side and Keshav from the right side. Raaga showed


Raaga was on her first day to office travelling in metro from Hitech city to Miyapur. This was her first time to Hyderabad. Raaga was a brave girl who could manage things on her own. Though it was her first time to Hyderabad, she managed to take care of herself. She’s a flaunting beauty in her own way, a dusky, charming, extrovert who makes easily with people. People love to be around her. She could draw anyone’s attention with her jovial childish attitude. On her first day to office she was wearing a black kurti with blue leggings and a loosely tied hair; she was amazing without any makeup. As it was 8.30 in the morning the metro was so crowded that


One of those days, when it rains unceasingly and I have to hurry up in the subway to catch the bus to go to my workplace. My hair looked disheveled as I tried to pull up the hood of my raincoat over my head. Water dripped from my hair. Suddenly my phone rang. I looked a bit alarmed as I was expecting some colleague of mine who would call me to adjust her classes. Thankfully it was not one of them. It was my cousin calling me up.Her name was Tina as my siblings and I lovingly called her. She was all of twenty- six, tall, dark with a warm smile and sensitive eyes which looked eternally blissful. All my siblings


So how do I start off with this now, I have no idea. Innumerable emotions filling inside me but all of them directs towards you.Should we start love?The first time I laid eyes on you on this very day 1 year back, walking slowly towards me. I was so nervous and speechless that how could ever a girl like you be my girl. The first eye contact of ours. I still remember, it seemed like everything stopped for a while. All I could see was that mesmerizing smile that blew away my mind till u slowly tapped me just to get me believe that whatever happened was all real. The beautiful elegant girl standing in front of me was my girlfriend and I still


It was drizzling outside. I drove the car through the occasional mist, climbing the winding roads up the high ranges. She didn’t say anything. We knew it was our last journey together. The last time I would be taking her to her workplace. I remembered all the moments we had together from the moment I first met her. How happy we both were together! The great Indian wedding cliché just spoiled our relationship. She belonged to a different religion and our parents denied our insatiable love and desire to be together. My rage and grief reflected on the speedometer of the car. “Please, go slow”, she said at last. When I had a sideways glance, I saw her rummaging in her bag. “Can you